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Microcen KVM VPS is like million bucks affordable gold with optional VPS Management.

KVM Virtual Private Server Plans

All plans include instant setup and an intuitive control panel with KVM virtualization

Plan CPU SSD Cached Storage Bandwidth IPv4 Pricing Order
1 GB RAM 1 vCORE 40 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached 1 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $23.49 /year ORDER NOW
1 GB RAM 2 vCORE 60 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached 1 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $17.49 /month ORDER NOW
2 GB RAM 3 vCORE 80 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached 2 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $20.49 /month ORDER NOW
4 GB RAM 4 vCORE 140 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached 3 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $24.49 /month ORDER NOW
6 GB RAM 5 vCORE 180 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached 4 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IPs $27.59 /month ORDER NOW
8 GB RAM 6 vCORE 240 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached 5 TB @ 1Gbps 2 Free IPs $36.49 /month ORDER NOW
12 GB RAM 7 vCORE 320 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached 6 TB @ 1Gbps 2 Free IPs $55.49 /month ORDER NOW
16 GB RAM 8 vCORE 400 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached 7 TB @ 1Gbps 2 Free IPs $76.49 /month ORDER NOW
24 GB RAM 9 vCORE 480 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached 8 TB @ 1Gbps 3 Free IPs $115.49 /month ORDER NOW
32 GB RAM 10 vCORE 580 GB RAID-10 SSD Cached 9 TB @ 1Gbps 3 Free IPs $149.49 /month ORDER NOW

KVM VPS Hosting in india
Lucid Control Panel, with KVM Virtualization
Start, Stop, Re-Install, Console, Reset Your Server at any time via our VPS control panel.

1Gbps network speeds are included with every virtual private server with Microcen Hosting. Seek best.

KVM VPS Features

Full KVM Virtualization with Complete Root Access across US & Europe.

website building tools Strong Hardware

Microcen Hosting uses the latest Intel Xeon processors with RAID configurations, which are highly supernumerary for maximum server uptime and stability.

website building tools Service Level Agreement

Your website is excessively crucial, making it impossible to be disconnected. That is the reason microcen hosting offers a 100% uptime SLA.

website building tools Location Flexibility

Microcen Hosting gives the flexibility to choose the server location to reach your customer base wherever they are located around the world.

website building tools 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Nobody enjoys Downtime. Once your server's up with us, we keep it up. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime for server availability.

website building tools Secured Servers

We are having RAID-10 disk protection to ensures that your servers stay online without any data loss, even in the event of a total drive failure.

website building tools Microcen VPS Control Panel

Our awesome custom VPS control panel allows you to take complete authority over your virtual server. You can start pause or stop as per your requirement

Frequently Asked Questions:

KVM virtual private server which lands on peak of a physical dedicated servers. Resources are committed to the KVM VPS and are not shared with other users on the physical device. KVM VPS comes with tremendous reliability and performance.
VPS Hosting provides you complete separation. This mean that your VPS package will not get affected with other user activity on the server. With root permission, you can install any applications you require. VPS also gives you guaranteed resources, so no matter what, the CPU, RAM, HDD and Bandwidth allocated to your VPS package will always be available for your applications.
VPS uses: It can be a solution for an upgrade from Shared Hosting, Web Hosting Server, CMS's, Custom Applications, Test Environment, etc.
We provide 24x7 assistance to queries related to server boot, network, login & hardware. For assistance specific to website or application code, you have to contact your web developer or a local server administrator.
If you purchase a VPS server with cPanel (control panel) monthly or longer, we will provide you free one-time migration service within the first month of purchase. For more details on our Migration Service, please click here.
You get one Dedicated IP with every VPS Hosting Plan. And an additional addon IP with Snappy 4000, Snappy 6000 & Snappy 8000. For additional IPs, kindly get in touch with the support team.

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