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Microcen AWS Consulting Service Process

All plans include dedicated account manager and an intuitive control panel with manage support

RPA assessment

Audit and assessment

  • Information gathering
  • Existing IT setup diagnosis
  • Assess AWS ecosystem requirements
  • Draft a cloud journey roadmap
RPA consulting and strategy

Solutions development and delivery

  • Build the solutions in AWS
  • Application migration and modernization
  • Test and application integration
  • Deliver solutions and fine-tuning
RPA development

Solution deployment and automation

  • Solutions deployment through CI/CD pipeline
  • Employ AWS auto scaling and resiliency
  • Use AWS DevOps automation
  • Explore Docker and Microservices
RPA implementation

AWS app maintenance and support

  • Effective AWS app maintenance
  • 24/7 support services to resolve your issues
  • Attain best operational performance
  • Leverage AWS services to its full potential

AWS tools we leverage

Data storage

AWS data storage tools offer you optimized storage space while eliminating infrastructure maintenance costs.

  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon RDS
  • AWS Lake Formation

Query services

Quickly analyze unstructured, semi-structured and structured data with Amazon query services tools.

  • Amazon OpenSearch Service
  • Amazon CloudSearch
  • Amazon Athena


Automate data integration from disparate sources to achieve scalability and better agility.

  • Amazon EMR
  • AWS Data Pipeline
  • AWS Glue

Big data analytics

Amazon offers big data analytics tools that provision more capacity and faster compute. They provide centralization of resources, data preparation and quantitative analysis for insights-driven decision making.

  • Amazon EMR
  • Amazon RedShift

Data visualization

Get cost-effective and interactive business intelligence dashboards with Amazon data visualization solutions. You can derive meaningful insights that provide a 360-degree view of your business.

  • Amazon QuickSight

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MicrocenHosting AWS consulting services will transform your cloud strategy

Get Clarity

Get clarity

In our initial interactions with clients, we define operational goals for the AWS cloud adoption framework. We have AWS consultants available to assist you –

  • Define your business goals and objectives for adopting AWS cloud services.
  • Assess your current IT infrastructure to determine which applications, services, and data to migrate.
  • Create a plan for migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud using the best-suited AWS service.
  • Monitor and manage your applications and infrastructure for usage optimization and higher ROI using AWS services.
Feasibility assessment

Feasibility assessment

During the feasibility assessment phase, we determine AWS cloud’s suitability for the organization’s needs. This includes.

  • Determine scalability, availability, and agility needs of your organization from cloud adoption.
  • Examine security and compliance needs for data and applications.
  • Assess AWS compatibility, architecture, dependency, ROI, TCO, NPV and cost savings.
  • Evaluate whether additional hiring or training is needed to manage the AWS environment.
AWS implementation

AWS implementation consulting services

We proceed with the AWS implementations plan that include integrating functions and processes on the AWS Cloud to respond to market changes better. Our AWS implementation specialists can assist you with various services, such as –

  • Modernize applications and data workloads on the AWS cloud.
  • Real-time monitoring with CloudWatch
  • Scaling applications with EC2
  • Massive data storage solutions with S3As


Our AWS consultants optimize applications, instances, and storage volumes using cutting-edge technologies and DevOps methodologies.

  • Optimize AWS resources by utilizing underutilized/unused resources, resizing instances, and using reserved instances.
  • Enhance application performance by identifying and resolving bottlenecks through architecture optimization.
  • Ensure AWS security by setting up security groups, encryption, and monitoring/logging to detect/respond to threats.

AWS Ecosystem

AWS Core Services

  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon SES
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon API Gateway

AWS Container Services

  • Amazon ECS
  • Amazon EKS

AWS Data Analytics Services

  • Amazon Athena
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon QuickSight

AWS AI & ML Services

  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Amazon Lex
  • Amazon Polly
  • Amazon Rekognition

AWS Database Services

  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Redshift
  • AWS Glue

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Microcen Hosting Managed AWS Cloud
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Management of your hosting for uptime, network and security
Security of Operating System and Server
AWS certified support personnel

Frequently Asked Questions:

Managed AWS hosting is provided by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like Microcen. Managed AWS hosting services include AWS cloud infrastructure design, application migration, proactive monitoring, automation, and management of customer's AWS accounts.
Microcen managed AWS hosting comes with several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and control network access. These include:
  • Network firewalls built into Amazon VPC
  • Customer-controlled encryption in transit with TLS across all services
  • Automatic encryption of all traffic on the AWS global and regional networks between AWS secured facilities
  • DDOS Mitigation
  • Data Encryption
  • We follow ISO27001 & ISO 22301 Standards to manage your cloud Infrastructure
  • A security assessment that automatically assesses applications for vulnerabilities or deviations from best practices, including impacted networks, OS, and attached storage.
  • AWS also offers you capabilities to define, enforce, and manage user access policies across AWS services.
If you have an account on AWS with your own email address, then you will get monthly billing from AWS directly. AWS team bills and sends details on the email registered with AWS account.
The cost of AWS cloud consulting services is determined by the services provided and the scope of the project. Our pricing is competitive, and we offer a variety of consulting packages that can be tailored to your specific business needs and budget.
AWS is generally considered to be one of the most performant and scalable cloud providers on the market. It offers a wide range of services and features that enable users to build highly available and scalable applications.

One key advantage of AWS is its global infrastructure, which consists of a network of data centers located around the world. This allows users to deploy their applications in the region that is closest to their customers, which can help to improve performance. AWS also offers a range of tools and services for monitoring and optimizing performance, such as Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Auto Scaling.

In terms of scalability, AWS offers a number of services that make it easy for users to scale their applications up or down as needed. For example, Amazon EC2 allows users to easily increase or decrease the number of virtual servers they are using, and Amazon S3 automatically scales to meet the demand of users' storage needs.

Overall, AWS is known for its strong performance and scalability, and many companies rely on it to power their mission-critical applications. However, it is always a good idea to carefully evaluate the specific needs of your organization and compare different cloud providers before making a decision.
Using AWS cloud consulting service can assist your business in saving money, improving performance and security and optimizing your cloud infrastructure. Our AWS cloud consultants can tailor a solution to meet all your requirements after analyzing your company’s needs.

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