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Microcen Azure Cloud Consulting Service Process

Drive Digital Advancement: Our Refined 5-step Process Revolutionizes Your Business Strategy.


  • Create team objectives
  • Identify key security & governance challenges
  • Use cases and POCs


  • Develop an MVC
  • Migrate pilot workloads
  • Validate apps and operations on MVC
  • Build initial migration teams


  • 100% availability architecture design
  • Automated backups and disaster recovery
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • 24/7/365 service desks


  • Assessment of infrastructure
  • Estimation of ROI and TCO
  • Identifying pilot apps for migration
  • Classifying MVC infrastructure
  • Prioritizing critical path dependencies


  • Implement the infrastructure, tooling, and processes
  • Workloads and data migration/production cutover
  • Knowledge transfer and enablement

Explore Azure – the globally acclaimed Cloud platform.

Your apps, your rules

Leverage a wide array of familiar and reliable open-source technologies and tools supported by Azure, spanning diverse operating systems, programming languages, databases, frameworks, and devices.

Managed Azure Services

Go Hybrid

Effortlessly expand your on-premise investments to the cloud with Azure's integrated hybrid capabilities, covering infrastructure, data, applications, and user identification and management.

Go Hybrid

Deploy Cloud on Your Own Datacenters

Unlock possibilities with Azure Stack, converging cloud capabilities into your datacenter. Harness the benefits of an interactive Azure portal, cohesive DevOps tools, enhanced PowerShell capabilities, and adaptable app models, extending across the cloud and on-premises environments

Deploy Cloud on Your Own Datacenters

Allow Your Apps to Reach Across the Globe

Expand your business globally through Azure's vast network of Microsoft-managed datacenters spanning the globe

Allow apps to reach across the globe

Secure Your Apps with Confidence

Experience unparalleled asset protection on Azure, where rigorous methodologies ensure maximum security, privacy, compliance, and transparency for your cloud-based apps.

Secure Your Apps with Confidence

Elevate your business with the power of cloud - Experience limitless scalability

MicrocenHosting Azure consulting services will transform your cloud strategy

Get clarity

Get clarity

In our initial interactions with clients, we define operational goals for the Azure cloud adoption framework. We have Azure consultants available to assist you –

  • Define your business goals and objectives for adopting Azure cloud services.
  • Assess your current IT infrastructure to determine which applications, services, and data to migrate.
  • Create a plan for migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud using the best-suited Azure service.
  • Monitor and manage your applications and infrastructure for usage optimization and higher ROI using Azure services.
Feasibility assessment

Feasibility assessment

During the feasibility assessment phase, we determine Azure cloud’s suitability for the organization’s needs. This includes.

  • Determine scalability, availability, and agility needs of your organization from cloud adoption.
  • Examine security and compliance needs for data and applications.
  • Assess Azure compatibility, architecture, dependency, ROI, TCO, NPV and cost savings.
  • Evaluate whether additional hiring or training is needed to manage the Azure environment.
AWS implementation

Azure implementation consulting services

We proceed with the Azure implementations plan that include integrating functions and processes on the Azure Cloud to respond to market changes better. Our Azure implementation specialists can assist you with various services, such as –

  • Modernize applications and data workloads on the Azure cloud.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Scaling applications with VM, Container & Dockers
  • Massive data storage solutions


Our Azure consultants optimize applications, instances, and storage volumes using cutting-edge technologies and DevOps methodologies.

  • Optimize Azure resources by utilizing underutilized/unused resources, resizing instances, and using reserved instances.
  • Enhance application performance by identifying and resolving bottlenecks through architecture optimization.
  • Ensure Azure security by setting up security groups, encryption, and monitoring/logging to detect/respond to threats.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

We help our customers to accelerate migration, meet security and compliance and avoid the roadblocks that delay the process of migration. We follow three steps for a successful and hassle-free migration:

Evaluate – your current architecture, comprehend your business needs and accordingly plan the migration.

Design & develop – a custom Azure environment as per your business requirements.

Migrate – your applications live on the cloud, once we are done evaluating, designing and developing.

Benefits of Azure cost optimization services

Stay ahead of the curve by beating rising cloud costs

Elevate your business with hassle-free Managed Azure Cloud Hosting from Microcen

Host your website or application with confidence as we take care of the management

Microcen Hosting Managed Azure Cloud
Self Managed Azure Cloud
Support in plan selection as per your specific business needs
Migration assistance for application or website
Complete management of your server
Management of your hosting for uptime, network and security
Security of Operating System and Server
AWS certified support personnel

Experience the power of Azure Cloud

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